Chemotherapy is the kind of treatment that incorporates one or more anti-cancer drugs which is chemotherapy regimen. It is to stop the development of tumor cells. Medical Oncology has three procedures to cure, control and facilitate the growth cells. Contingent upon the kind of growth chemotherapy treatment is given. In cure cancer, chemotherapy demolishes malignancy cells and can never again distinguish them in the body. In control tumor, chemotherapy shields disease from spreading, moderate its development or decimates growth cells that have spread to different parts of the body. In ease growth, chemotherapy shrivels tumors that are causing agony or weight. Chemotherapy is one of the major categories of the medical discipline precisely devoted to pharmacotherapy for cancer. Chemotherapy constitutes systemic therapy which is often used in conjunction with other modalities such as radiation therapy and hyperthermia therapy. Nuclear Medicine Conferences will discloses the application of therapies.

  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Cancer Therapy
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Alkylating agents
  • Antimetabolites
  • Electro Chemotherapy
  • Tumorigenesis

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